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Alpha GPC



  • Cognition and Memory
  • Enhanced Focus
  • Neural and Cellular Membrane support
  • Neurochemical Balance
  • Increase in Growth Hormone

Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Curbs sugar/carb cravings
  • May benefit diabetes patients by stabilizing blood sugar levels
  • Supports digestion
  • Reduces cholesterol and blood triglyceride levels
  • Supports weight loss
  • Good source of organic potassium

Carb Block with Phase 2™

  • Neutralizes Starch Calories
  • Prevents Starch Calories Conversion into Glucose
  • Directs the Body to Burn Fat
  • Delays the Absorption of Carbohydrates
  • Contains non-GMO white kidney beans

Cayenne 40,000 SHU

  • Regulates blood flow
  • Raises metabolic rate by as much as 25%
  • Aids in digestion
  • Reduces constipation, gas & bloating
  • Helps cardiovascular system

Coenzyme Q10

  • Helpful with heart problems when taken in conjunction with other heart medications
  • Decreases the frequency of headaches and migraines
  • Helpful in decreasing high blood pressure
  • May help to lower long-term blood sugar levels in diabetics
  • Powerful antioxidant- help to fight damaging particles in the body known as free radicals

Cold & Flu Relief™

  • Strengthens and stimulates the immune system
  • Builds immune function
  • Loosens mucous, phlegm from lungs.
  • Boosts immunity
  • Stimulates the body’s resistance to infection, colds and flu.

Garcinia Cambogia

  • Effective Fat Blocking Agent
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Increases Serotonin Levels
  • Accelerates Metabolism
  • 60% Concentration of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA)

Ginkgo Biloba Double Strength

  • Alleviates signs of aging, such as short term-memory loss. Dizziness, ringing in the ears & vertigo problems.
  • Improves circulation to the brain and extremities.
  • Depression and mood
  • Improves mental function and mental awareness in people suffering from cognitive decline.
  • Increases concentration in athletes and students.
  • Used to reduce the symptoms of Premenstral Syndrome (PMS)

Green Coffee Bean

  • Supports Weight Loss
  • Helps Stabilize Insulin Levels
  • Antioxidant

Nicotinamide Riboside

  • Stimulates NAD+ Metabolism
  • Improves Exercise Performance
  • Boosts Cognitive Health

Silymarin 80%

  • Helps to protect liver
  • Provides a detox for the liver
  • Powerful antioxidant to help “clean” liver
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Stimulates protein synthesis

Super Spirulina™

  • Functional whole super-food.
  • Contains essential omega 3-fatty acids EPA & DHA.
  • Great source of protein.
  • Rich source of fatty acid- GLA.
  • Chlorophyll- powerful blood cleanser.